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About Us | JENGA


Our Mission: To improve the quality of life of the vulnerable and disadvantaged in the poorest communities by demonstrating the love of God through word and deed.

Our Vision: To see a thriving Uganda full of Godly leaders influencing all spheres of society, an increase in sustainable community partnerships delivering holistic transformation, and a re-imagined and revived church reflecting and advancing the Kingdom of God.

Our Story

We started life in 2005, when a man from North London and a man from Mbale came together with nothing but a desire to build a better life for people in this part of the world. Our name means “to build” in Swahili and that’s what we continue to do today. We’re building relationships. We’re building up people and their communities. Together, alongside them, we’re building lasting bridges out of poverty.

Founded on and guided by our Christian faith, we work for sustainable and lasting change. We’re not interested in quick fixes or easy answers, we’re in it for the long haul. Nothing we do relies solely on us – we work together with other groups and local people, so that change sticks around far longer than we ever could.

At JENGA, we work with people living in the poorest conditions, regardless of faith, ethnicity, or gender. We live within what we call our “core principles”: justice, sustainability, empowerment, partnership, and cultural sensitivity.

By looking out for people’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing, we’re helping them to realize their potential and, in turn, enabling their communities to flourish. Our aim is to help people thrive, not just survive.

We’ve been busy since 2005. We have been involved with all kinds of projects and activities – from setting up savings and loans groups for women to supporting kids through school, from training farmers in growing coffee to running discipleship courses in prisons. We see real results and real transformation. We will do more. We will do as much as we can, with as many people as we can, for as long as we can.

Projects being undertaken by Jenga

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