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JENGA | Community Development Outreach

We are JENGA. This is UGANDA. This is our HOME.


JENGA Community Development Outreach is a Christian non-profit charity based in Uganda, East Africa. We’re a longstanding, locally trusted organisation made up of national employees and international volunteers working together to make a difference.



JENGA provides the basic essentials of life to the most vulnerable and needy people of Mbale, Uganda. Through diverse and sustainable development projects we are equipping Ugandans to meet their own needs and to forever change their communities.



JENGA works in the urban slums and rural villages of Eastern Uganda. Many of our projects are located within the region of Mbale, but our reach extends much further. Our awareness of needs outside Mbale is ever-growing, and therefore, so is our presence in those places.


JENGA in 60 seconds

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Projects Overview

By investing heavily in the lives of the nation’s children, JENGA is equipping and preparing the next generation to build a stronger Uganda. From children’s clubs teaching life-skills and safe play, to partnering with schools and working with vulnerable street children, JENGA is working for lasting change that reaches far beyond the confines of Mbale town.
Gender equality and women’s rights stand at the centre of not only JENGA’s ethos, but also the Kingdom of God. JENGA’s women’s groups stand to empower local women through vocational training, business development, marriage counselling and spiritual support. The relationships formed within the structure of these groups are as integral as the practical support delivered – cultivating a community much deeper than the regular, scheduled programmes could provide.
JENGA’s Education Sponsorship programme connects poor and vulnerable children with donors who are willing to sponsor them throughout their primary, secondary or tertiary education. Support is given with the aim of developing young leaders who will make a significant contribution to the future of their local community and nation.
Operating in both the local government hospital and in the wider community, JENGA’s health programmes are empowering Ugandans to be a solution in their own healthcare system. By providing training on proper hygiene and early disease prevention, offering support to existing government programmes, and coming alongside the most vulnerable patients, JENGA is ensuring that residents of Mbale have access to much needed treatment - and where possible, to prevent the need for treatment at all.
JENGA is passionate about offering not only immediate relief from the effects of poverty, but also the sustainable development necessary to build bridges out of it. Income generating projects such as food stores, goat breeding and savings and loans groups put power back into the hands of the community. Empowering Ugandans to provide for themselves and their families, ensures not only the means to meet immediate needs such as school fees and medical expenses, but actually ensures them a long-term livelihood.
JENGA serves both international and local partners, of shared vision and methodology, in potential areas of need and inexperience by stepping in to fill any gaps that would hinder them in successfully delivering their projects. Services include, but are not limited to, organisational and project consultancy, financial processing, the handling of resources and personnel, and project implementation and management.
Righteousness and justice requires us to help the helpless and defend the weak. Failure to do this makes any profession of faith an empty one. JENGA believes in demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ through practical development projects. From prison ministry and ‘Farming God’s Way’ to Alpha discipleship programmes, JENGA witnesses to all people in the local community through both word and deed.
With a large portion of Ugandans still without easy access to safe drinking water, investing in a variety of water projects is a critical part of the work of JENGA. Partnering with local government, JENGA has provided tens of thousands of people with cleaner water. The recipients are also educated on how to improve hygiene and sanitation, both of which are integral to the development and success of these projects.
With more than half of Uganda’s population under the age of 16, JENGA believes that investing in young people has never been more important. Through avenues such as sports and youth clubs and meeting in prisons, JENGA is extending a hand to the future generations of Uganda – coming alongside of them, educating and equipping them, and empowering them to reach their full potential.